There are a steps of How to configure an IPTV tuner(s) at TVMosaic server and some general information. 

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#1 Download and Install TVMosaic server

#2 Activate TVMosaic Plus (full or trial license)

#3 IPTV Configuration

    #3.1 Channels scan

    #3.2  EPG data for IPTV


     #5 Video of setting up an IPTV Tuner

     #6 HDHomeRun devices

     #7 Dreambox as IPTV Tuner

     #8 IPTV Multistreaming

     #9 TVMosaic server acceleration

#1 Download and Install TVMosaic server

You may download and manually install the latest TVMosaic server build for your platform here


  •  Be aware that TVMosaic is a server and player at the same time. If your TV Server is a NAS (or linux machine without User Interface) , you will need to install the TVMosaic application for Desktop (connect to TVMosaic on the NAS then ) for configuring server on the NAS, or use the TVMosaic web UI


  •  During the Update of the TVMosaic, need to make an update of all available TVMosaic apps (NAS/PC/etc.) in order to get all new functions workable.  


#2 Activate TVMosaic Plus (full or trial license)

The TVMosaic server at desktop may work locally with DVB tuners/receivers or IPTV lists without activation of Plus license. In this case it will work for local (current) machine as a Player-recorder.

TVMosaic Plus license you may buy at TVMosaic Web Shop

More about activation you may find here

#3 IPTV Configuration.

    #3.1 Channels scan:

  • Add a new IPTV Tuner:  TVMosaic Setup -> Channels -> click on Add button -> Device type: IPTV. Done, IPTV Tuner is created.
  • Now add a link to IPTV channels list (to m3u file): 
  1. Click Scan on IPTV tuner -> Next 
  2. Set a name for tuner or left empty (useful if you do use more then one) -> Next 
  3. Here you need to select your m3u list (if it is stored locally) or select Remote playlist if you do have a link to IPTV. -> click Next 
  4. Scanning of channels will be performed -> Apply button to save configuration. 
  5. Done. Channels now visible at TVMosaic Guide.

  #3.2  EPG data for IPTV:

  • If your IPTV ISP also provides an EPG data in XMLTV format, then you may add a link to xmltv file at IPTV Tuner Settings. EPG data will be automatically mapped to IPTV channels, only if tvg-id tag is available at xmltv file. 
  • Otherwise you will need to add a link at EPG -> Sources ->  XMLTV  and map channels manually.


TVMosaic server and clients (tvmosaic mobile apps ) support VOD (Video On Demand ) channels/items. 

If there are VOD items at IPTV M3U list, then they automatically will be added and displayed at TVMosaic Media Library.

#5 Video of setting up an IPTV Tuner

Video is available at Youtube:

#6 HDHomeRun device

HDHomeRun Prime/Expand device works with TVMosaic server as IPTV Tuner(s)

During the IPTV Tuner Setup need to select the HDHomeRun device option and enter the IP address of HDHomeRun.

#7 Dreambox as IPTV Tuner

There is no Dreambox module at TVMosaic server as it was in DVBLink server, but  TVMosaic has a much improved IPTV module, which also works with any m3u lists.  With M3U list from Dreambox as well. 

Need to grab/download IPTV M3U list of channels from Dreambox and put it to tvmosaic scan folder:

You may find where TVMosaic stores user data files, at this wiki


  • Channels may be enabled/disabled to be visible at the Guide at Channel -> Visibility     
  • Channels may be grouped to Favourite lists /renumbered/renamed at Channel -> Favourites/Properties

        #8 IPTV Multistreaming:

  1. If your IPTV ISP or IPTV subscription supports two or more streams per an IP, then you should be able to watch/record more then one channel at the same time as well.
  2. All you need in this case, is to create second (third  ... and so on ) IPTV Tuner with the same m3u playlist.
  3. Channels from the same m3u lists will be automatically  merged, so in the Guide you will see only one instance of each channel.

     #9 TVMosaic server acceleration:

  1. As IPTV providers usually provides thouthends of channels (we have faced with IPTV List with over 17000 items, including VODs) we recommend to Set Visible, at the Channels Visibility tab, only channels you do need. It will increase the server and client parsing time, and overall system speed. 
  2. Also recommended to use the Favourite groups (Custom or automatic ones ) for better serfing over the channels list at the Mosaic Clients. You may configure TVMosaic Favourite lists at the Channels -> Favourite tab.
  3. Just a general statistic: 70-75% of users watch no more then 50 channels 80% of time. Around 15% of users watch no more then 150 channels 95% of time. And what is intersting, almost 85% of them, have in a channel list more then 500 channels. (the statistics are very superficial, grabbed from users over the email)

Additional information:

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